Burning the Candle at Both Ends
07.08.2008 06:37:58

A few weeks ago I was able to spend the weekend with my college girlfriends. We gathered at my house to enjoy four days without husbands and kids. It was wonderful to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company in our own solititude.

One of our friends brought a game that I had never played, Imaginiff… What a fun game! Every night we sat around the table playing this game laughing until tears streamed down our faces and our bellies hurt.

The whole concept of the game is you complete a sentence with several options. Then the people in the game vote on which option best describes the person who is "it". Well, this one time I was "it". I read the card… ‘Imaginiff… Jen were a cliche, which one would she be?" The first choice was "Hungry like a wolf". The second one was "Sly like a fox". The third one was "Burning the candle at both ends." My friends didn’t even let me finish reading the other three options. With much laughter they pegged me.

I guess I am one of those people. Getting a lot done in one day that another mortal cannot imagine accomplishing. Then I started to think about my career choice. Isn’t that all marketers?! Aren’t we the ones who typically "burn the candles at both ends"? Marketers who excel at their profession are the ones who can handle forty tasks at once without breaking a sweat. They manage the R&D function while the sales people are calling every second. They always look cool as a cucumber, until the candle is burnt out. Then they have to go on vacation and buy a new candle.

So as I went to sleep that night I took my friends’ quick draw as a compliment. I also realized that I fully enjoy my profession as a marketer, would be bored without hundreds of balls in the air and have to make sure that I take those vacations so I can buy a new candle every once in awhile.

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